Irina Deriugina
LOC President,
UGF Vice president

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all participants to the 36th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships which is taking place from the 21 to the 24 of May. The best time to visit and to truly appreciate the special spring atmosphere of Kyiv!

Kyiv, the ancient capital of Ukraine, of Kyivan Rus. A city with over one thousand five hundred years of history welcomes Rhythmic Gymnastics Europeans 2020.

In less than 30 years of Ukrainian independence, our federation has hosted, such major events as The 20st Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships, the 32nd Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships (2013), 24 Deriugina cups, World Cups and Grand Prix.

Just two short months before the Olympic Games the world’s attention falls on RG Europeans 2020. The final two Olympic qualifying places will be decided in the group and individual disciplines. Here we’ll learn, not just who will be European champion, but also who are the main contenders for Olympic glory.

We, of the Ukrainian school of RG, have long believed sport reflects and transforms the spirit of the age, balances the qualities of body, will and mind. It teaches us the uniqueness of our own national identity and to respect and value the identity of others – these are the principles that the Olympic movement cherishes.

The European Championships are a real celebration of sport, where new stars take their places in the pantheon of heroes. And their glory is no accident, it’s the result of willpower, talent, dedication and many hard years of blood, sweat and tears. It is the synergy of gymnast, trainer, and the fans who support you. You, together, make this world glow!

Welcome to Kyiv 2020!

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