Active preparation for the European Championship has started

The Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation has begun active preparations for the 36th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Kyiv. It is the largest world-class sporting event to take place in Ukraine in 2020.

The first coordination meeting with the participation of representatives of the Union Européenne de Gymnastique (UEG) and of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) was held in Kyiv on Saturday, January 18th.

“At this stage, we have agreed on the most important organizational issues: the launch of ticket sales, accreditation of delegations, placement in the Palace of Sports, Championship telecasting, etc.,” informed Olga Danko, Director of the 36th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship.

The first vice-president of the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation Irina Deriugina said that the whole world will be following the Championship in Kyiv, as the fate of the Olympic champions will be decided here. The remaining licenses for the Olympic Games will be competed for in the Ukrainian capital – in individual and group routines.

“We are doing everything possible and impossible to hold the competition at the highest level, as rhythmic gymnastics is our national treasure and the brand of Ukraine in the world,” Deriugina said.

The competition will be held at the Kyiv Palace of Sports from May 21 to May 24. The opening ceremony is scheduled for May 21. About 311 best female athletes from 41 European countries are expected to come to Kyiv to participate in the Championship.

In Ukraine, the official broadcasts of the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship will be provided by Inter and NTN channels.

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